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Reports for all situations

Get automatically generated reports for any question you have about your data. Completely understand your customers in minutes.

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Leave no stone unturned

Our AI generates block-based reports that gives you a comprehensive view of any topic, so your team can quickly understand any situation.

Flexible yet repeatable

Set up your report once, and generate similar reports for any other set of data

Block based templates

Use one of our predefined reports, or construct your own report once, and use it on any data of your choosing.

Real-time metrics

Our reports generate metrics on request, that means updated reports, whenever you want them.

Probable user journey

Each report comes with a possible user journey related to your query. Find out exactly how your customer might have interacted with your product.


Find out how data related to your topic has changed over time, and how they are likely to change.

Understand your customers and make better decisions today

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