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Understand your users in real-time

Analyse hundreds of thousands of user feedback. Ask questions about your data, and get answers in real-time

Qualitative analytics

Commune processes user feedback using AI, giving you the flexibility of asking questions while maintaining trustworthy insights.

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Chart Builder

Build charts using data based on user feedback. Visualize sentiment over time, trending topics, ratings, and more.

AI Select

AI Select

Track anything you want by conducting your own form of analysis using our AI.

Understand at a glance

Save all of your charts into their own individual dashboards so you can understand everything at a glance.

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Ask AI

Ask questions about individual charts, or a custom dashboard. Commune AI gives you useful insights based on contextual knowledge.

Tell me about the largest problem ACME is currently facing

The largest problem that ACME is currently facing is that users are experiencing difficulty in completing their purchase when using a voucher. This is a frustrating experience for users, as they have already decided to purchase the product and are now facing an obstacle. Users may feel that the purchase process is broken or that the company is not competent in handling vouchers. This could lead to users abandoning their purchase and giving up on the product altogether.

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